I've been here at the Fringe for nine days now. It can be
described with one word: rollercoaster. Up: Our flat is beautiful. Down:
It's a 45-minute walk to our venue. Up: I need the exercise. Down: It's
raining. Up: The venue is great. Down: Flyers and posters are lost. Up:
They found the flyers. Down: Nope. Up: Starbucks. Down: No time to eat. Up:
Sun! Down: Dreary comedy show. Up: Gorgeous Mexican show. Down: Tech guy
doesn't have what our show needs. Up: U.S. tech guy solves the problem.
More up: Flyers found. Up even more: Eight photographers came to our
photoshoot. And up: Photos in print and online. Down: Info accompanying
photos not all accurate. Up: My blog printed in The Scotsman. Down: Bus to
Ikea to buy heavy set. Up: Men from the Mexican company come and carry our
set. And the sun is still out. And another photo ran in another newspaper.
And LISTEN! THE RIVER opens with a world premiere preview in two days!
(theSpace@Surgeons Hall, August 13-25 (not 19) at 1:55 -


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