Cooper, the world's largest female dog, loves theater. The train
ride from London was grueling, but here she is at the Fringe.

This morning Cooper held a photo shoot in Princess Street Gardens. Wearing
a chic leatherette saddle plastered with posters for her favorite show in
the Fringe, Cooper pranced, jumped and mugged for photographers around Ross

Cooper's person, London's Wendy Peace, plays six characters in LISTEN! THE
RIVER. The main character is a cat, but after meeting Cooper New York
playwright Robin Rice Lichtig wrote her into the story. It's understandable
why this play is Cooper's pick of the Fest.

The LISTEN! THE RIVER team will give a portion of their ticket sale
proceeds to the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. The Home sent representatives
to join in the photo opp. Glen, a young Yorkshire Terrier who is available
for adoption, came with Rosemary and Daniel Eggleston from the Home. Podge,
an elderly Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was adopted from the Home three
years ago came with her person, Melissa Settle.

Everyone behaved admirably. The sun shined, flowers bloomed, birds chirped.
A perfect day for a doggie romp. I have never seen such mugging for the
camera! Glen wasn't crazy about running under Cooper's legs, but this was
the main shot the photographers wanted, so he screwed up his courage and
complied. By noon Glen and Cooper had exchanged email addresses. They will
certainly friend each other on Facebook. Podge doesn't do Facebook. 

LISTEN! THE RIVER opens August 13 and runs through the 27th (1:55 at
Surgeon's Hall, venue 53 -


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