Time: Yesterday. Place: Venue 53. Characters: The Playwright and
The Dog.

Dog: No fair!
Play: Tough shit.
Dog: People came to see me.
Play: You fell asleep!
Dog: Was there a reviewer?
Play: No.
Dog: Broadway Baby would find me captivating.
Play: You lay down center stage and started snoring. You missed your exit.
Dog: A delightful dream. Rabbits!
Play: You're fired!
Dog: Lighten up. It's the Fringe. Stuff happens.
Play: Go.
Dog: (laughs:) Like you have a replacement waiting in the wings.
Play: I'll write the dog character entirely out of the script.
Dog: People come for the dog.
Play: They come for the cat.
Dog: There isn't a REAL cat.
Play: Out!

  (Dog stretches slowly, yawns, sits, lays down again.)

Dog: No skin off my nose. I have an audition for Ambien tomorrow. Better

  (Dog closes her eyes, naps. Playwright rewrites furiously.)

The world premiere of LISTEN! THE RIVER (without the dog) runs through
August 25 (not 19) at 1:55, Venue 53, theSpace@Surgeons Hall.


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