A tsunami of colorful fliers swirls through Edinburgh. A pudding of
imaginative offerings. Silly me. I thought New York was a theatrical bee
hive. No comparison. I'm lying on the sofa contemplating "flyering." The
word makes my mouth dry. Flyering at the Edinburgh Fringe is everything I
heard it would be and more. How will my actress and I ever manage it?

"Get up, lady! The world's tallest female dog is here at the world's

biggest theater festival! I'm ready to flyer with you!" My face gets a lick
with a tongue the size of a throw rug. It's our intern. Thank goodness. I
was afraid she couldn't fit on the train from London and wasn't going to
show. Out of cash to pay actual people to help us, my actress and I engaged
Cooper several weeks ago. She brought her own flyering outfit, a
fashionable, leatherette number plastered with posters for the world
premiere of LISTEN! THE RIVER. Full disclosure: I had to bribe her with a
part in the play. Not an actual part. Like all of us in theater, Cooper has
to pay her dues. I wrote her into the play as Peek-a-Boo, a one-eyed Great
Dane. If Cooper does a decent flyering job, I'll make her part bigger in
subsequent drafts. If she does an amazing job, she'll get a walk-on. And so

Like others with plays in the Fringe, we'll pull on our rainboots and head
out with bags filled with flyers later this week. Watch for us with our
very large yet fashionable four-legged intern. Give us a flyer for your
play, and we'll give you one of ours. 


09/26/2012 8:41am

We all have different ways to eat.


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